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C ussy free credit

Just because we don't pay to be on this site does not make us unsexy, unfunny, seriously ugly, or un-shaggable, anyway, why should we support a site that refuses to let us post club reviews?

this is "not" a way of life for us, it's a "FUN" pastime. " on your profile it shouts "RACIST" true, you have a right to your own determination but if Black or Asian people message why dont you just say thanks but no thanks you are not what we are looking for? We are a very happily married mature couple who have been together for 37, years & married for 27 so we are "very" comfortable and secure in our relationship and our own skins; We are not agists, sexists, racist nor homophobic, we like anyone who is nice and non pushy and if you have Bi or Bi curious on your profile that's not a problem, we are ultra Kool with that; All we ask is that you have the same fun outlook as ourselves; While your body shape is not overly important to us (we are not that shallow) we do think that there has to be "some" physical attraction; your personality is tho, just as important to us.

) so we would like to see yours too, (those in our private gallery are all fairly recent) Reg is not a fan of bushy beards or facial hair, and neither of us like pubic hair, shaved (as are we) or very closely trimmed only please, if we want to floss we usually buy the product at Boots; Personal hygiene is an absolute "MUST" smelling clean and fresh should be de-rigueur in this day & age.

Single men;- if you contact us you "MUST" be circumcised, (and polite) sorry no exceptions to this rule, Regina's call We have single male friends, single lady friends some & T-Girl friends, (We do not restrict our friendship to just straight couples) that join us when we party and club, but, guys, if you do make contact, we don't want to see a cock photo on your profile, (why are men obsessed with taking photos of their cocks?

If you have made it this far well done lol and if you think we would all get along and you would like to meet us please drop us a message or a wink, we don't think sending a wink is lazy but a message is nicer; We will always reply, even if it's just to say thank you but no thank you, we like to think we are nice people and not rude and bloody ignorant like some idiots on here who are so far up their own asses that they dont need a sexual partner, Oh, and if we message you or wink, please have the courtesy to return the favour even if to say not for us or thanx but no thanks, we simply "HATE" rude people (as we have said) so if we message or wink at you you and you don't reply GFYS you deserve all crap you get; We do not do the 3 P's, no piss, poo or pain, but, we do do like the other 3 P's Pleasure Passion & Prolonged sexual enjoyment; Thank you for reading A&R x *ana 2016 (27), Woman on 29 October 2017 by Meeting in person: Very genuine and truly a great couple to be around look forward to seeing them again *nternationallovers (42), Couple on 24 October 2016 by Meeting in person: What a fantastic couple..thanks for your barbecue invite...great host and quility times.loves the ladies while reg sorts the crowd out..see you both soon.T&J*nternationallovers (42), Couple on 24 October 2016 by Meeting in person: What a fantastic couple..thanks for your barbecue invite...great host and quility times.loves the ladies while reg sorts the crowd out..see you both soon.T&J*ana 2016 (27), Woman on 22 August 2016 by Meeting in person: Met this fab couple a few times at lifestyle and they r fabulous people very polite and down to earth sadly won't be seeing them on Sunday but will hopefully get to meet them again soon take care both of u xxx*rissie Maya Gibson (37), TV/TS on 1 January 2016 by Meeting in person: Well wat can I say about these too which I haven't said already was out on nye with them and had a great nite they both are understanding fun to be around and just great ppl to know they are there for me at all times and really are a pleasure to know*lassygilf60 (61), Woman on 21 December 2015 by Meeting in person: Carnt say anymore than wots already been said about this fine well established fab swinging cpl.up gain for the umpteenth time on Sunday for a Davrods special lunch time party meal.. They are open and honest and totally straight and genuine about themselves with no airs or graces - a nicer couple you couldn't wish to meet, PLEASE treat them with the respect they have earned and deserve.*lassygilf60 (61), Woman on 15 September 2015 by Meeting in person: Well wot can i say about this happy go lucky couple that hasn't been said all ready..

only that they wer missed at parties for a short while as Ant was in recovery after his knee op..

You may be responsible for state and local sales/use taxes when filing your tax returns. The Ussy-Tek Pro EVF Mount Kit from Birns & Sawyer allows you to mount an EVF monitor to your Epic or Scarlet cameras.Regina is a stunning black lady (Ant thinks so anyway) she looks good, smells good, tastes good and will treat you very well (if you ask nicely!) she dresses expensively, and dresses down very sexily, even with a tummy tube!✪ DEEPROT FREE DOWNLOAD - 077 ✪ Listen to every track from our ' Free Download' series here: https://goo.gl/Mf5d9Q ᗍ Follow Ussy: https://soundcloud.com/ussy-bassline https:// https://twitter.com/ussy__ https:// Ξ DEEPROT - The home of uk bass music Ξ https:// https:// https:// Picture Link: https:// This track is free to download, only at DEEPROT.Credit the artists for usage of this copyright free content.

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Update;- Regina is now on home dialysis so won't be using the Jacuzzis at clubs; Tho She does now have some new dressing down outfits.

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