Campsites in sussex downs

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There is a particularly good downhill walk from the Trundle to the village of West Dean.Hampshire Holidays offers two campsites on the Hampshire/Sussex border and whether you prefer the simplicity of camping under the clear starry sky or a little more luxury in your caravan, we are sure you will enjoy your stay in a Hampshire Holidays campsite!Kingley Vale is a special, spooky and spectacular hillside to the north west of Chichester.

There are some excellent old photographs of the Trundle Enclosure being absolutely packed in the mid 20th century and there must have been a terrific atmosphere back then.The Trundle used to be the site of a chapel until this was left to ruin.It is thought that the chapel was built some time in the 15th century and was probably trashed in the Reformation - it was already ruined 40 years or so after then.Bow Hill, which forms part of Kingley Vale, is topped by The Devils Humps, two Bronze Age barrows.There are all sorts of stories of strange comings and goings on Kingley Vale, with marching legions of Romans Soldiers and so on.

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