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Converted catholic dating

Later in life, he would state that he had in fact become a servant of the devil and a priest of Satan. Radente instructed Bartolo in the faith, helping him turn from the occult and renounce his involvement in spiritualism.Contrary to what he was promised by the practitioners of the occult, abandoning Catholicism and being ordained a satanic priest did not provide Bartolo with peace and happiness. After his ordination, he began to experience deep depression and suffered extreme bouts of anxiety. Bartolo discovered that, once he did this, he began to experience peace and have a deep desire for a conversion of heart.One of the most incredible testimonies to the ability of the rosary to bring back a soul from the brink of hell is the life of Blessed Bartolo Longo (1841–1926).Bartolo grew up in southern Italy during a time when Italy was experiencing a very strong nationalist movement.To borrow a famous line from Winston Churchill he once used in speaking to a group of students just after the Blitz, “Never, Never, Never Give Up!

You may be saying to yourself, “this is too simple an act to bring about the conversion of another!

He warned them that their practices were false and they needed to turn to Catholicism to find truth.

A lawyer by profession, Bartolo continued his legal practice after his initial conversion.

” From these powerful examples we can see that Jesus desires that we actively participate in the salvation of all souls through our prayers.

Combined with fasting and penance, our prayers become even more powerful for the conversion of others, even hardened sinners such as the one St.

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Eventually these spiritual, psychological, and emotional problems led him to seek out the help of a Catholic priest. It did not take long for him to completely reject and renounce the false teachings and practices of spiritualism.