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Dansk date Solrød

There are also ferry routes to Sassnitz and Świnoujście.Between Bornholm Airport and Copenhagen Airport by airplane it is 25 minutes." 73.9% of those voting ticked off the box "Ja" (English, Yes) on the ballot.The lowest percentage for the merger was in Nexø municipality, whose mayor, Annelise Molin, a Social Democrat, spoke out against the merger.The municipality still retains its name Bornholm Regional Municipality.The island had 22 municipalities until March 1970, of which 6 were market towns and 16 parishes.

Bornholm was one of the three last Danish municipalities (Danish: ) not belonging to a county — the others were Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.Directly west of Bornholm across the Baltic Sea mostly on the island of Sjælland are several municipalities of Region Sjælland: Stevns, Faxe, Næstved (the part that used to be the municipality of Fladså) and Vordingborg, including Møn, which is around 135 kilometres (84 miles) across the Baltic Sea.It typically takes 2-3 hours for passengers and freight (ferry :1 hour 20 minutes; driving :1 hour) to travel between Rønne and Copenhagen via Ystad in Sweden.) is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, to the east of the rest of Denmark, south of Sweden, northeast of Germany and north of the westernmost part of Poland.The main industries on the island include, dairy farming, and arts and crafts such as glass production and pottery using locally worked clay. There is an especially large number of Denmark's round churches on the island.

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There is a ferry departure mostly reserved for freight of goods between Rønne and Køge (5½ hour travel time).