Dating the rocks of the grand canyon metrojoint dating websites

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Dating the rocks of the grand canyon

Therefore, historical geology, at the roots, is the study of the geological landscape of the past.

Radioactive Age Dating Through radioactive age dating, scientists can, within a relative period of time, assign dates to rocks by analyzing the amount of a radioactive isotope within the rock and comparing that number to the isotopes known rate of decay.

Determining the precise geologic history of the Grand Canyon has not been an easy task over the years.

Rivers carve out canyons through erosion, a process that erases the physical evidence of their work.

For decades, debate has raged over how old the Grand Canyon--the immense gorge carved into the plateaus of northwestern Arizona--actually is.

The “official” view--and the one that is printed on signs lining the “Trail of Time,” an interpretive walking tour along the canyon’s south rim--was that the mighty Colorado River carved the canyon within the last 6 million years.

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The names are: Kaibab Limestone, Toroweap Formation, Coconino Sandstone, Hermit Shale, Supai Formation, Redwall Limestone, Muav Limestone, Bright Angel Shale, Tapeats Sandstone, and Vishnu Schist.