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Dgad dating nav uz

A5 \om ago as the terrible ex- 'o not lei us forget our comrades either; those who made the ffreat aacrl Ace on land and sea and those ■tngg Ung m the battle of today Let us do ow best aad help them with dollars aad eents, unt U it burta WILLIAM BARTON.

that the ( anadtan National ins Utute Im the uimd win not suffer, but It is unfortunate thot thay should call for help at such a time, already sacred to the whole Dominion and Empire.

30:(1 Hv.t Deniiuion W II Plreng Uj Derreiif.e.1 The under- mviitloned (~) R '.s li ivc h Tn struck IS stfto Uy an optional tax, one cannot Il^! whfr*- bv the pow^r Rfnrrated by thf I' lrit U-Otfe tlf'VPlopiiirnt will be niadr ii-c I i for the purpose of &ervlng liif rommunltlen th»t com^ wlthtn the sfope of thf rornpui-v'^ niri-E- Ucns. l ii'- uie*r- report* Mem to im Ur vale Uiat a u not the Ihtenttoo or the Bol Uair oae R9eny to prooeed aiunc that UBe, but that an ar- rangenient may be entered inlo with the Canadian Utilities by whlt h power may be taken In bulk, and Uie latter rompanj will becoo&c thr M-Tfliirr of the energy ai re- itiirrd AUhm the area covered by colliery ^"in Ban T'l r*** rt Shls. Princess Mjrgncn're Collides With Princess Louise off Kellet L Blull in Larly Morning Hours — Three Staterooms Are Demolidxd and Seven Others Damaged — Stories of Esrewitnesscs FREMICR HOWARD FEROr SON Wh M* b^vm I I* ih* vl MMrkla ■111 tmt m Imu In th* nail* %m to %mkm ant Wad w From thm Colonist Tower THF WCATHKR victo Dn u Atifin R a bigger fleet for France than for Italy. Young Son— Didn't we get a book of Instructions with it, mother? and instnic Cfed us to sell on easy terms 3QQ NKW ni'N'r. VK HAY BEIXC cii ..r ron-iriii propntgr tn China wl Uilu nve years. Her naval programme, in face of all talk to the contrary, makes her plan of de- fence the oftensl Te m d Utant wat'-rs. Such Li her present cru Lier strength that she cfui M «wef*p ihp lj! Thai menaced Liberal principle is Free Speech, ii Lso for the present spelled with wftp Htl fnltwiis The Tory po Uoe of Toronto are preventing rep- resentatives ot the Th M Intema Uonal from opening their mouths and saying the thing they will In city parks and other public places. RKABONS FOK FKANCUIb E There had hma f«parto to the e T- feci that the Wel Unfton Oo Uery Company might wiah to hito the pr^wcr line Itaelf. rommtt The Puntiedie pewer la ea Umated to be t ipe hte of veloplnff MHoethlnc like M,«0 bone- power. Ranoe Is described as ready to dlaeois the quaatkm ol a reasonable p i uptatka i between the two nations but la quite unw UUng to accept naval parity. Distioction ^i J^ Rcul Value In Clocks of Every Calibre Here is a splendid buy. M( r \K\V; living-room, kitchen, 2 bcalh- rooin, tcincnt Iiasc ment turruue, cement driveway tu garage; nice garden with itak trees. PLACE or M18BIONABIU ■The question w If the tlmp has not ojtiie ftir Ihr ti UMlonarli'ft to ir lire from (.'Mrui Al! iitt-d Sutfi niff Jji-].' flag off the Pacl Ac by cominer Lt-- dsstroytng rald.t. Chief of Po Uoe John fry s Uted that In oonpaay with other po Uoe offlccn he raided the Pan Tan Alley premlsss on #Vlday nluht at o'dook, and found gaipbllng In pragresa. who pleaded guilty to a chante of falling lo bring his sutomoblle to a full ftop upon en- tering an arterut highway. Some of the Communists and other Red Hag- gers of Toronto who want to make speeches In public places and inflame the hearts of the peo- ple against existing and established British Ins U- tattons are nosolnally ruimlng as candidates against the Provincial Oovernment of Premier Penpjson: but of course Mint fact has imthlng ivhat- vr: ;n do with the ala.-in uf Tlw Fr*o Prosi. iples, not politics, are at the root of the matter At the «aip» ilfflc, the fact reautlas that ODtarlo Is a eentre of Oonssrvatlsm in Canada. It could be something as simple as a run away script or learning how to better use E-utilities, for more efficient work such that your work does not impact the ability of other researchers to also use our site.To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected]

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