Early stages dating answers

Posted by / 15-Jun-2017 03:50

If you are not secure with yourself and your sobriety, you may start skipping 12 Step support group meetings to be with that person, cancelling on your sponsor, and worst of all not holding a job in fear of losing your partner because of jealousy or fear of missing out.

Personally, getting to know myself was the best thing that ever happened to me. I took it very personally and did not have enough of a life established on my own to feel worth much, so it felt like my world was crashing down.

If you get into a relationship before these things happen, you could potentially end up with the wrong person.Or, if you start out with someone and change halfway through and grow, that person might not change and grow with you… The perils of getting in to a relationship before you have over a year sober, or before you really get to know yourself include a lot of different situations.Let’s review a hypothetical (but potentially very realistic) situation: You might start dating someone after you getting sober just so you don’t feel lonely. Then, we invite you to post your questions in the designated section at the end of the page. Are you in the early stages of addiction recovery this Valentine’s Day? Continue reading this article to get a few perspectives for navigating the 14th of February.

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