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All in all, this is the most dangerous campaign related to this social network.Previously, such Video scam was used to redirect users to a fake Youtube page, he or she is offered to update “Adobe Flash Player”.Keep in mind that security experts have already reported about the relation between Facebook virus and ransomware-type viruses, trojan horses, and similar threats.Computer users report about Facebook video virus attacks all over the world.Scammers also take advantage of users using hoaxes that give them hope to win two free Ryanair tickets and suggest investing or purchasing various things.Even if it is reported that they are recommended by the reputable financial guru Martin Lewis, you should not fall for such Facebook scams.

After the attack, users are advised to reset Google Chrome by following these steps: open Chrome Settings Reset and click “Reset” option. If you Facebook friends continue on reporting about messages sent from your account, you have to uninstall Chrome from your device.Therefore, victims are suggested to protect sensitive data.In October 2017 IT experts warned Swedish virtual community not to fall for the latest Facebook Youtube video version.What is more, if your account was hacked, you should also set a new Facebook password and change other accounts passwords.It’s unknown what information cyber criminals can access and what damage they might cause to the personal user’s information.

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