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From the end of the 17th century, the architecture of Plzeň has been influenced by the Baroque style.

The city centre has been under cultural heritage preservation since 1989.

Plzeň was first mentioned as a castle in 976, as the scene of a battle between Duke Boleslaus II the Pious of Bohemia and Emperor Otto II.

It became a town in 1295 when King Wenceslaus II granted Plzeň its civic charter as a "Royal City" and established a new town site, some 10 km (6 mi) away from the original settlement, which is the current town of Starý Plzenec.

Protesters forced their way into the town hall and threw communist symbols, furniture and other objects out of the windows.

The protest caused a retaliation from the government; as part of their retaliation, they destroyed the statue of Thomas Garrigue Masaryk. The next year, a West German homing pigeon was lost near the Czechoslovak border.

Between 18, the Plzeň railway junction was completed and in 1899 the first tram line started in the city.

This burst of industry had two important effects: the growth of the local Czech (Slavic) population and of the urban poor.

In 1869 Emil Škoda started up the Škoda Works, which became the most important and influential engineering company in the country and a crucial supplier of arms to the Austro-Hungarian Army.This reform caused a wave of discontent, including the Plzeň uprising.On 1 June 1953 over 20,000 people, mainly workers at the Škoda Works, began protesting against the government.Many allied themselves to the Nazi cause after 1933, in the hope that Adolf Hitler might be able to unite them with their German-speaking neighbours.Following the Munich Agreement in 1938, Plzeň became literally a frontier town, after the creation of the Sudetenland moved the Third Reich borders to the city's outer limits.

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The combination of pale colour from the new malts, Pilsen's remarkably soft water, Saaz noble hops from nearby Žatec (Saaz in German) and Bavarian-style lagering produced a clear, golden beer which was regarded as a sensation.

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