Submission dating

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Submission dating

From its pages we can learn how to move beyond many of the power struggles in marriage.

In Ephesians 5, the apostle Paul explains to Christians how to live the Christian life: "Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ" (verse 21).

The first looks vaguely familiar and then I remember seeing a file on Uncle Harry's computer, when I was searching for book prices. I go to his computer double click on and sure enough a pop up box asks for a password. It's some kind of research paper called Neurological Submission Transmitter.

I wonder why Uncle Harry had it password protected.

When we break for lunch I've gotten about halfway through. " Mom asks as we sit at the kitchen table eating sandwiches and potato chips. The third book I look at, one of the neurology textbooks Uncle Harry wrote, has two folded sheets of paper in it.

I unfold them and read what looks like passwords or codes.

The first day I help her catalogue all the furniture, paintings, etc.

The second day mom asks me to make a list of all the books in his library, while she starts sorting through his office.

I have to look at the title page of each book to make sure I don't overlook any of the collector's items. Your uncle wasn't the most organized man in the world." Mom says, sighing.I read through and it seems to be talking about an actual transmitter that when tuned to a person's specific neurological frequency will render them submissive.The summary is written in plain English without all the technical jargon. "Did Uncle Harry have a safe or anything like that?One says, NEUROSUBMITTRANS and then NST1001#HD after it and the other one looks like a combination: 47-63-95-20.I get excited thinking, here's the hidden stuff I was talking about, if I could only figure out what it means.

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One summer Saturday, hot and sweaty, I finished mowing the lawn and realized, This is the perfect time to spray Weed & Feed on the grass.