Tim mcgraw dating

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Tim mcgraw dating

Born on May 1, 1967, in Delhi, Louisiana, Tim Mc Graw is an American country singer whose albums and singles have routinely topped the music charts, making him one of the genre's most popular artists.

He is married to singer Faith Hill and his hit songs include "Indian Outlaw," "Don't Take the Girl," "I Like It, I Love It" and "Live Like You Were Dying."Born on May 1, 1967 (though some sources say 1966), in Delhi, Louisiana, Tim Mc Graw was one of the most popular "Young Country" stars to emerge in the 1990s.

And even better, they share three beautiful daughters together — perhaps the greatest gift of all.

"I mean I think we had a pretty instant knowledge that we were going to be together forever," Tim said in 2006—10 years after the pair got hitched.

I’ve got a knife in my hand and a bloody apron on …Hill and Mc Graw invited friends for what they thought was a simple softball game and concert in Mc Graw's Louisiana hometown.But instead, they were treated to a whole different kind of show — Mc Graw and Hill standing beneath an oak tree with a minister ready to say their vows. We put our Secret Service guys on it, they checked him out, everything’s good.’ I said, ‘OK, they can go out tonight, but I’ll be home tomorrow.“Look, you don’t want to be mean, but when someone’s taking your daughter somewhere, you want to induce a healthy amount of respect and fear.”Hill thought the measure was a bit too extreme at first, but quickly got behind it.“I was a little soft on it, but then when you go through it for the first time — those of you who have daughters out there — all of a sudden I became this animal, like, do it, take the sledgehammer,” she quipped.

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"When we first started dating in 1996, we were touring together and I had this ‘71 Cutlass that I’d bought with some of the first money I’d ever made," Mc Graw -- who turns 48 on May 1 -- told Rachael Ray in an interview airing Friday. "And I was pulling it around on a trailer, and I was courting her in this car, and my uncle had told me, ' Look, if you ever make love to a woman playing ‘Samba Pa Ti’ by Carlos Santana and then you’re going to have to marry her.'" "So I had it on loop in my car all the time.

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